Sunday, March 11, 2007

We're Back!!!

I knew I had not blogged in several weeks, but I didn't realize it had been so long! Since our last blog posting, we have been to the States for doctor's visits, mission conference, rest and relaxation. We spent a glorious two and a half weeks in Decatur, Alabama, being pampered by the members of our home church! It was great!

On our return to Guatemala, we "hit the ground running"! Immediately after arriving, we met with a Canadian woman whose husband had had a stroke while they were here on a workteam. There was no hope of recovery, short of a miracle, so her time was spent sitting at his bedside waiting. He has since passed on to be with the Lord. Please keep Lois in your prayers as she learns to live life without her partner and deals with the details of her loss.

After returning to the Camp, we found 4 of the lamina (roof sheets) had blown off in a windstorm while we were gone and need replacing. Thankfully, rainy season has not started yet! We were also about a half inch deep in dirt inside the house and everything has had to be wiped down or washed. The kitty was skinny, as she didn't eat well while we were gone, but purrs constantly now that we are back! We also spent last Friday visiting 6 - 8 churches around the Lake, introducing ourselves and setting up for future projects. We certainly need a 4WD vehicle! Many of the roads we were on couldn't technically be called roads!

Yesterday, we had a group of teens from one of the area churches visiting and having an outing at the Camp. We joined them for part of the time and had great fun teaching them to throw a Frisbee! It was a beautiful day with lots of sun! I now have lots of sunburn!

Hasta luego!


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