Saturday, June 24, 2006

A week of goodbyes

This past week has been one of goodbyes and next week promises more of the same. After saying goodbye to the First Bible Church team from Decatur, we have been making the rounds, saying goodbye to friends here in Antigua. Next Thursday, we will be relocating to Panajachel. For those of you that don't know it, it is one of the most beautiful places on God's earth! (Just ask Ronne or Candie Harvell, I think they took pictures of every flower on the place!) It was after seeing CAM's property in Pana, in 1995, that I told Johnny "I had found the place for us to retire!!". Johnny said no, but it's funny how God works - that is exactly where we will be living!

We completed our oral language exams (by phone) and passed! And we have done lots of practicing Spanish as we said goodbye to several families that we have gotten close to in our time here.

The Andrade family is on the left and the Carrillo family is on the right.

Next week, we will meet with several more folks and finish packing. You would think that in an apartment as small as ours, we couldn't have collected too much "stuff"! Wrong!! This next week will determine how good a packer I am (getting stuff into boxes) and how good Johnny is (getting all the boxes in the two cars)! I'll keep you posted!

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