Sunday, June 18, 2006

...there they go!

Five fifteen came early this morning but all were up, passports in hand, to return home. We had a great week with lots of work, lots of eating and lots of shopping! Below are just some highlights of our week:

The completed job. With all the rain and the help of a backhoe, the yard is mud now. But the grass will return and will be enclosed in our beautiful new fence!

Benches were put together by Jon Moore and crew to be placed at the home of Eric and Carmen near Antigua. The climb to their house is very steep and Carmen has difficulty walking it. The benches were placed up the trail to give her a place to rest! Thanks Jon!

Candie Harvel taking a well-deserved rest!

A new generation of FBCers met Chepe! He enjoys when First Bible comes and always wants to work with them!

Candie would have taken this one home with her if Ronne would have let her!

Laura Moore was the new "Bud Orr"! Bud always collected the street sellers because of his kind heart and full wallet! Since Bud wasn't here, Laura had to take over.

Hughston worked hard trying to get the entrance-way
built up some so we could turn in easier.

On the "rest day", we went to the relief map of Guatemala in the City, then headed for Antigua. Lots of eating, walking and shopping. Sorry, no pictures of the shopping but no one put down their shopping bags long enough to take pics! Look for the new jade jewelry at church next Sunday!

Thursday evening, we celebrated Johnny's 50th birthday. As you can see, black was the color of the evening! Thanks to all who made the celebration possible!!!

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