Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Work in Patzun

Several weeks ago, we were able to spend a couple of days with John and Jan Lohrenz, Ken and Cindy Spaugh and a team of youth from Detroit, MI, working in Patzun. The CAM church, Alfa Y Omega, has a vision that includes a school for young children and a technical school to train adults. Our project was to add-on to the back of the church, making classrooms for the school. It was back-breaking work that included concrete mixing, lots of moving dirt and putting up walls. For the first time, I got to use power tools - particularly John's "Big Boy drill"! Not only was the drill almost heavier than me, I had to drill holes in concrete while perched on a ladder! I thought I did pretty good but was sore for days afterwards. The team was very impressive in the way they worked and how they handled the living conditions. Several of the youth had interest in returning as interns, possibly working with us at Centennial Camp. It was a fun few days although the coldest we have been since our arrival!


PS How come you never see me working? I'm usually the one behind the camera!

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