Monday, May 01, 2006

Eric and Carmen

Last November, we met a new couple, Eric and Carmen, at our church in Antigua. They were new Christians and were preparing to be baptized. (New believers go through classes similar to pre-marital counseling before being baptized). On the Sunday of the baptismal service, Carmen's heart condition prevented her from attending the service. I was asked to sit with her while Eric and the two oldest children were gone for the service. She and I have become better acquainted since that time. We visited them this morning and fellowshipped with them. She told us she had been baptized at the latest baptismal service two weeks ago and is very happy. She still has problems with her heart (she needs a valve replacement badly) but is content in her faith in Christ. She has been feeling better, but will still need valve replacement surgery one day soon. We feel priviledged to be able to befriend this delightful family. They are sad at our imminent move to Solola, but we plan to maintain contact with them as we can. Please pray for this new family in Christ - they may be your neighbors in Heaven!

(They only have 4 children, the smallest boy is a neighbor that wanted to be in the picture!)


Arlene said...

Glad to get you online...i have bookmarked your site.

Lindz said...

this is great, its nice to be able to keep up! By the way, you tried to call earlier and I think I got to the phone too late. call me back! My phone works in my new house!