Thursday, October 07, 2010

"Not much time..."

Some of you are aware that my widowed aunt had moved to Decatur and was living in our house with my mom. It seems that love is always around, no matter what age you are. Yesterday, Aunt Tommie, 81 years old, married Edward Shaw, 82 years old, and moved to Texas!

As she told me, "When you're 81, you don't waste time because there might not be much left!" The happy couple wed in front of 8 witnesses, all of whom got to sign the marriage license.
Congratulations Tommie and Edward Shaw!

P.S. I represented our side of the family in true Guatemalan! My only pair of black shoes broke three steps inside the church!

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Arlene @At Home with the Grimms said...

Thanks for sharing wishes to your aunt and uncle. Is that Rev Holmes who married them???