Thursday, June 03, 2010

Two days of sun!

We're excited...we had two days in a row of sun without rain! That has given us a chance to do some clean-up without being knee deep in mud.
Yesterday morning, one of our area churches showed up with 7 guys to help us clean up. They started with the backyard landslide that took out our fence. Until we get that fixed, Snow has to be on a chain all of the time...which she is not fond of. She is our escape artist who loves to get free and roll in get the idea.

The well diggers became well cleaners! There was mud 1 meter deep (about 3 feet, for those metrically challenged) in the well that came in through the ground water. They went down into the well, sent up buckets and buckets of mud, cleaned down the well walls and cleaned out our cistern tank. We now have water and can take a shower in water that is cleaner than we are!

On a side note that tells a little of the culture in our area, the family of well diggers are just that...well diggers. None of the kids go to school (not even that little one) because they will grow up to be well diggers and they don't need school for that, so says the father. Unfortunately we see that all too often, whether they are well diggers, farmers or whatever. Even though all children are required by law to go to school through the 3rd grade (???), the law is not enforced. So grows another generation without education.

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Ana Amorin said...

Prayin for you all- that the Lord will receive many testimonies of His glories through the opportunity this storm has brought to Light! w/ love, Ana