Monday, April 05, 2010

Office and Salon

Remember the office and salon that was finished by the teams last summer? You'll be happy to see that we finally have some furniture to make them a real office and salon!
The table with the two chairs will soon hold a desktop computer and printer!

The "lockers" in the corner are for the different church committees in the area that may want to use the office as their meeting place, since we are fairly central. The committees can bring files, office needs, etc. and put in their "locker" and lock it with a padlock. Since file cabinets are very expensive, this was a simple way to give up to 10 committees room! The file cabinet in the other corner will be for the Camp.
You are looking at the start of the Pastor's Library. We have been growing since this picture was taken and now have over 50 books, various DVDs and programs for the pastors to use! All of the books, DVDs and programs are in Spanish and have been donated by various individuals and groups. We would love to fill this bookcase and have to buy a new one!

Finally, the Salon now has two whiteboards and a clock, besides the tables and chairs! We are still looking to buy a pull-down screen for use with the projector. We have the money but locating the screen has been the problem. Here's Johnny resting after he and Samuel hung the boards.
The request for much of this was placed in the CAM Christmas Catalogue this past holiday season. As you can see, gifts given to the Christmas Catalogue are put to good use! Thank you to all who gave, whether through the Catalogue or as a team. All of this has been used and will find many more years of usefulness!

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