Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Belated Mother's Day!

Hope all you ladies out there had a great Mother's Day! I was visiting my mom on Mother's Day and we had a great time! We had visited Lindsay and Micah in Nashville a few days before but didn't get to Tallahassee to visit Jennifer and Andy. So, Jenn did the next best thing...she gave us a tea! We got to go to a B&B in Columbiana, AL, that has a tearoom also. Mother and I missed having Jennifer there to enjoy it with us but we still had a great time! We had our choice of hats, although we passed on the boas. Lunch was three courses and very filling! Mother in her hat. The first course was Panic Chicken Salad and Quiche. The owner stated that the chicken salad was called that because when she first started the tearoom, she didn't know that chicken salad was required. When she found out, she panicked because she didn't know how to make chicken salad! She learned very well - it was delicious!

Each of us got to choose a tea we wanted to try. Mine is Berry Berry and I even got a sample to take home! Delicious!!

This is the second course, but we started eating before we remembered to take the picture! So all you get to see are the scones. Sorry!

The final course was Cream Cheese topped Brownies, German Chocolate Cake and Baklava!!! Mmm, good!

Thanks Jenn! Sorry you weren't here to join us but we ate enough for you too! We will have to go back sometime when you are in town also!


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arlene said...

How fun!!! Loved your hats.