Friday, April 18, 2008

One hundred middleschoolers!

Last year, we had two teams from the U.S. who completed a basketball court for Centennial Camp – First Bible Church, Decatur, AL, and First Baptist Church, Iowa, LA. Thanks to them, and Shiloh Baptist of Somerville, AL, who supported financially, we had our first tournament on the court! Saturday, March 12th, there were about 100 middle school and high school age kids here for the day. They had worship time, study time, contests in Bible memorization, Bible question/answers and sports tournaments in basketball (girls) and papifut (boys). The court was perfect for the games, with space to sit on the sidelines for the spectators!

Johnny was the scorekeeper for the day.

Trophies were given to the winning sports teams and the winners in the memorization and question/answer contests. This young man accepted the trophy for his church team for memorization. Notice that everyone is wet – minutes before, while finishing up the last of the papifut games, we all heard a roar in the distance coming closer. Most of us looked up in confusion until someone yelled, “Lluvia” (rain)!. You have never seen so many people move so fast! All headed for the garage as the large drops of rain began. Inside, over the deafening sound of rain hitting the metal roof, we finished up with the trophies. Everyone left shortly thereafter because the rain had set in for the afternoon. The rainy season has begun!



Sarah said...

How cool! We will be sure to show everyone the pictures. It sounds like a great time was had by all! :) We cant wait to see you guys this summer.

arlene said...

Love the pictures...we miss yall!