Sunday, March 30, 2008

Recent Changes

Just a few pictures to show what we are doing at Centennial Camp!

Yes, that is a bulldozer - we hired it for the day to dig the trenches for the drainage pipes and level off some ground. He also cut out the area for the bathrooms along the wall of the soccer field.

This is the continuation of the wall that begins in our yard. It will eventually include the bathrooms, a small store, steps and encompass the soccer field.

For those of you that know LBN (the place we usually house our teams), here are more pictures of the continuing construction. This was once the front door.

This was the host home and its back yard. The windows are in the dining room, so all of the kitchen area is gone.

And this is the other side, where the store and laundry is. I will be posting more photos as we go there and I can document it. Can't wait to see the finished product!!

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