Thursday, November 22, 2007

Team from Visalia, CA

After a quick trip to Visalia, California, we returned to Guatemala in time to receive a team from First Presbyterian Church in Visalia. We had a great time reconnecting with old friends and meeting some new ones! Here's just a little taste of what went on and what got accomplished last week!

Some of the ladies ministered to me particularly by working in my yard. They cut grass and weeded my garden until it looked pristine! They even found a few "strange" insects and spiders!

Meanwhile, in the garage, the guys started on the filter system. Thankfully, Johnny was involved because it all looks complicated to me!

A tricky part!

It's measure twice and cut once...or is it measure once and cut twice?

And then there are always power tools!

Break time!!!!

Xiba loved all of the attention. She sat next to the gate and watched all of the activity...and hoped someone would drop some food!

Everyone helped.

Does it go this way?

Some jobs took the tall folks!

After three days of work, here's our new filtration system, shown by the lovely Vanna (Mark).

And the playground crew!

On Thursday, we had a dedication service for both projects and a demonstration of the filter system. Many of our area pastors and elders attended. Here, they meet the team.

Always go to the bathroom before you leave the house! If you don't, you are in danger of using the same bush someone else used!
Hope you enjoyed the overview of our week! This was the last team of the year and, as we look back, we realize how blessed we are with all of our friends from all over the U. S. We hope to see some of you back down here next year!
Happy Thanksgiving!!

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