Monday, July 16, 2007

We're still here

Thank you to all of you that have so patiently checked the blog regularly on the off-chance I have posted something! It's been two weeks since our last posting, and much has happened. We continue to have difficulty getting to internet access and sometimes when we do have access, the service doesn't allow us to get to web pages, only email. Welcome to Guatemala!

Jon and Jamna stayed an extra day with us to help with 150 prejuveniles (12 to 16 year olds) who spent the weekend at Centennial Camp. It was about a disaster with trash thrown everywhere and kids up and running around all hours of the night. Since our garage was the only place to meet (or sleep), our gate was open for the weekend with the poor dog on a chain. We have decided that overnight activities are not possible yet, until we get the cabins usable up on the mountain (and far away from us!). We will still work with groups wanting to use the Camp for day activities.

Work continues daily on the Camp property. We are in the process of pouring concrete for a basketball court. This is what the team from Louisiana started and what First Bible, Decatur, Alabama, will work on next week. We have had different groups coming in the meantime to work on pouring also. We had a group working last Saturday when, at 11:15 AM, I was asked if I could supply lunch for the workers. Johnny was amazed that I came up with something for 13 people in 45 minutes! Frankly, so was I, but our God is amazing!

Also a work in progress is the stone wall that will separate the house from the basketball court.
As you can see, it is about 1 meter from the fence, but now the fence has been moved to the top of the rock wall. This gives us a little more room in the yard, our private area. We are also in the process of planting fruit trees and other flowering plants in the yard. Seems like everytime I plant something, though, someone decides to move something and I have to move the plants! Camp Do-over!

We have had lots of rain, but haven't floated away yet. We live under umbrellas when we are outside and in sweats when we are inside! Yes, even though we are south of most of you, with the altitude and the rain, it's cold!

Saturday we went to a church to show a film to a group of kids with the leaders of the prejuveniles. They use our projecter (we go with the projector) and this week, asked us to supply a movie. Out of all of the choices we had (not much for this age group), they chose The Chronicals of Narnia, which has a Spanish track. None of the leaders had seen it but after watching it, we will probably be showing it again. They absolutely loved it! We are always on the lookout for good movies, both for kids and adults, in Spanish. Since many of the people we work with cannot read, we have to find films with the Spanish language, not just subtitles. If you know of any good movies, let us know!

Sunday, we spent the day in two different locations in two opposite directions. Needless to say, much of our extra time yesterday was spent in the car. When we got home, it was time for the sweats! We enjoyed a DVD and just decompressed!

We are revving up for this week and our home church's arrival this coming Saturday! This blog was a little long and I hope to be able to post again before 2 weeks! Until then...


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