Friday, April 20, 2007

Farewell to the Lohrenzes

Last Wednesday, we (including the whole Solola Consejo) told the Lohrenzes goodbye. John and Jan were our first guests in our guest room on Tuesday night and we celebrated with a rousing game of Dominoes, which Jan won! Wednesday started early, with breakfast for 10 (coffee for many more), and the arrival of a little over 200 for a day of dedication and worship. In this photo, John is cutting the ribbon dedicating the guard's house at Centennial Camp to the Lord.

Part of the service included a music program from an area church. This men's quartet did a fantastic job, followed by their church choir. I am scheduled to play for the choir at their church on May 27th! The legacy continues!
This was a tearful moment toward the end of the time together. Many of the different churches had gifts and kind things to say about John and Jan. Jan and I cried through most of it!
Johnny did a presentation (in Spanish, of course) about Centennial Camp toward the end of the program. Many of these churches had not even been on the Camp property in years! They were excited to see what has been planned for the Camp and how they can use it!
We were sorry to see the Lohrenzes go but pray God uses them mightily in Spain!

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Mary Jane said...

I'm glad to finally see a post! I was getting worried.

I am having a quiet weekend at camp....sitting on the porch listening to the falls!

Can't wait to see you in June!

Love you both!