Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all! I wanted to blog yesterday but have had trouble with the internet. We spent the day in the capital with the Lohrenzes and 53 of the CAM-Guatemala missionary family and friends. We had the typical turkey and dressing with CRANBERRY SAUCE! (We don't get that often) Many thanks were given by all for the blessings God has given us during the past year. For us in particular, we are thankful for the recent visit home with our family, good health, progress on the move to Centennial Camp and good, cool "fall-type" weather (the picture was taken yesterday, note the turtleneck!). We hope your day was filled with blessings of being with family and friends or, if nothing else, rest. Thank you, faithful friends, for your prayers for us, particularly as we spend the holidays away from "home". God is blessing us with His peace, knowing we are where He wants us.


Oh yeah, Happy Birthday to me!! (yesterday)


CLEO COKER said...

HAPPY BELATED BDAY MARIA!! I knew it was your bday but I never once got to a computer all day! we (marc and his family and I) spent thanksgiving in marion, tn!! whoa....that was a real experience!! anyway, i love you both and hope to hear from you soon~~ love, love the pic~~~

brannons said...

Happy, happy birthday and Thanksgiving! We had cranberry sauce, too, and were SO appreciative. Funny how little things like that mean so much. We pray for you two regularly....

Love, The Brannons