Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The rainy season has arrived!

April is ending here in Guatemala and the rainy season has begun. It started with a lightning and thunderstorm on Sunday evening with a little rain. Each day since then, the lightning and thunder has decreased but the rain has increased! We have resorted to taking an umbrella with us where ever we go or take the chance of getting drenched.

We are still awaiting the move to Panajachel. We had hoped to be moving there by end of April, but God's timing is obviously not ours. The same with our house in Decatur. God's timing is perfect, so we wait on Him. For those of you familiar with Panajachel, we will be living at the CAM property there as the host/hostess until the Centennial Camp house is finished...or until September, whichever comes first! In the meantime, we practice on our Spanish. In the past two weeks, we have worked with the Lohrenzes and Spaughs (and a wonderful group from Detroit, Michigan) in Patzun at the Alpha and Omega church for a couple of days. We also hosted Johnny's sister, Cleo, for a couple of days. This past weekend was a refreshing time with the CAM-Guatemala Field Conference. I got to be involved with the music for the weekend and felt at home playing for parts of the conference.

Well, that's all for now! I hope to post some pictures for you soon!


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